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Bradford Council’s Executive’s initial budget proposals for 2016-17 and 2017-18

Bradford Council wants you to get the chance to have your say on the Executive’s proposals for spending and local taxes and to tell them what matters most to you, to give your ideas about what could change, how they could increase income and what part you and others could play in meeting the challenges that the Council face.

The proposals are likely to change as further detail of the impact on Bradford of the Government’s cuts and announcements made in the Comprehensive Spending Review become clearer.

The Council is continuing to work over the consultation period to identify additional measures that can help to save money while protecting services.

The financial constraints are such that Bradford Council have little room for manoeuvre however they have a track record of listening to the views and ideas of local people, organisations and businesses and changing our proposals accordingly.

Bradford Council does not pretend to have all the answers and urge everyone to get involved and have their say.

You can find out more about council budgets and spending in the following ways:

You can view the Equality Impact Assessments for the Budget 2016-17 by following the links below:

You can take part and express your views by using the ‘Have your say on Bradford Council’s Executive’s initial budget proposals for 2016-17 and 2017-18’ online survey

Or you can write to Bradford Council for free - the freepost address is:

Bradford Council Budget Consultation
Britannia House
Hall Ings
Bradford BD1 1HX

Paper copies of the survey and budget info (schedule) promoting the consultation will also be distributed to key Council buildings across the District where there is face to face contact with residents e.g. libraries, community centres etc.

With a lot less money than we’ve all been used to we can only achieve our shared goals for the District if the Council and other public services work with each other – but also with local people, communities, business and the voluntary sector - to change the way things are done.

Find out more about the new deal for the district and how you can help at 

Or join the debate on social media at Twitter: #newdealBD Facebook: bradfordmdc


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