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Disabled people using social care can't get support to live independently.

Over half of disabled people using social care can’t get the support they need due to a ‘financial black hole’ in funding, according to new research published by Scope.

The disability charity found that 55% of disabled people who receive social care struggle to get the help they need to live independent lives, and 33% expect this situation to get worse.

The report, entitled 'Disabled people’s experiences of social care', surveyed over 500 disabled people aged 18-64 who use social care in England and discovered that 10% fear they will lose social care support entirely in the next five years.

The social care system has lost £4.6bn in the last five years and resulted in 400,000 fewer people receiving care.

The charity has submitted its report to the Treasury ahead of Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR).

Findings in the report included:

  • Over half of disabled people using social care (55%) can’t get the support they need to live independently;
  • Half (51%) of social care users with fluctuating needs say support does not fit in around their changing needs;
  • While 27% feel services consistently support their day to day living needs, 38% say this never happens;
  • 52% of social care users want more help to be active in their communities, while 30% receive help towards this from social care services; and
  • 28% of disabled social care users have ‘complete’ or ‘a lot’ of choice and control in planning their care but 41% have ‘very little’ or ‘none’.

In addition, ore than half of social care users under 35 want help to be able to work or look for a job, but only 13% are currently getting this support.


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