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Have you had problems finding private rental housing while claiming benefits?

As part of their inquiry into DSS Discrimination, the government’s Work and Pensions Committee has launched a survey aimed at Housing Benefit (HB) claimants who have struggled to access housing in the private rented sector.

The online survey consists of some short answer questions on whether claimants have faced difficulty in renting a property because they were in receipt of benefits.

Based on the tick boxes selected the survey may then ask follow up questions such as when a claimant faced difficulty due to ‘no DSS polices’, what benefits the claimant was in receipt of and whether the landlord/letting agency explained why they could not rent the property and offered any alternatives.

The survey itself will help inform the oral evidence session on ‘no DSS’ clauses due to take place on 20th March and the inquiry as a whole.

To take part in this survey, please click here


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