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Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy for the district

Bradford City, District and Airedale, Wharfedale & Craven Clinical Commissioning Group's (CCG's) want to find out people’s views on how mental health services should be developed and delivered to make sure everyone has the best support to prevent mental ill health and achieve mental wellbeing.

The Strategy will focus on a number of themes; Hope, wellness, recovery, and quality, and what can be done to promote and retain good mental health, prevent mental health problems and improve the health and wellbeing of those living with and recovering from mental illnesses.

The three CCG's want as many people as possible to get involved in developing local mental health services by sharing their experiences.

As well as mental health service providers, there is also a need for local people and organisations, the NHS, local authority and voluntary sector to do the things that will support good mental health and wellbeing and remove barriers that prevent people accessing care.

This may include providing choices that promote good housing and a place in the community, strengthen families, enable friendships, build networks, and support employment, activities and positive lifestyles.

Over the last five years they heard lots of things about the type of mental health and wellbeing services that local people would like to be developed, and have summarised them in this document

Over the next month we are working with a number of local groups to check whether this information is still accurate and what other gaps in services we need to consider.

You can take part in this work by emailing or by filling the online form at:


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